Published on: June 6, 2012
Photography by: doc+furious_graphix

The shocking truth behind the MIAMI CANNIBAL ATTACKER who gnawed a homeless man’s face off while high on bath salts!

Bath salts – the newest deadly craze in street drugs – cause bizarre psychotic reactions and can kill youngsters who don’t even realize what they’ve taken!

That’s the shocking truth behind the drugs that some experts believe sparked the so-called Causeway Cannibal’s horrific attack on a home­less man in Miami.

Chillingly, the readily available concoction of chemicals can be se­cretly mixed with marijuana and other commonly used drugs, turning them into death traps for unsuspect­ing kids experimenting with illegal substances.

In the recent headline-making nightmare, a 31-year-old man sav­agely chewed the face of Ronald Poppo – a 65-year-old homeless man – on Miami’s MacArthur Causeway until being fatally shot by police of­ficers on May 26. Witnesses said that the crazed man, Rudy Eugene, even growled at cops, exhibiting animal-like behavior.

“This can be a common reaction to ingesting or snorting bath salts,” Los Angeles addiction expert Dr. Gregory Smith told The ENQUIRER.

“The drug can produce a psychotic state and cause hallucinations. The man may have thought he was an animal being attacked by another animal and reverted to cannibalistic behavior under the influence of this powerful, toxic drug.”

In recent years, young people have been unknowingly victimized by date rape drugs as well as PCP (angel dust), a mind-bending animal anesthetic that can be sprinkled on marijuana.

“There is always a danger with street drugs that people will cut them with other drugs,” warned Dr. Smith, executive producer of the documentary “American Addict.”

“Even smoking marijuana can become potentially deadly if some­one mixes it with bath salts.”


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Gregory Alan Smith, M.D.