Book Dr. Smith

"Dr. Smith is a highly sought out speaker who is educational, entertaining and surprisingly funny"

~Stan Walsh M.D.~


A partial list of topics Dr. Smith speaks on include:

  • Your DNA. Are you genetically destined to become an addict?
  • Big Pharma, the FDA and the media cozy relationships that ensure the drugging of Americans
  • America home of the distracted and Land of the Addicted
  • How to avoid becoming an American Addict
  • The making of the films American Addict and American Addict 2
  • Why our medical system is broken and ensures chronic disease and not cures
  • The dangers of being entertained to death
  • The truth about Obamacare
  • The politics of medicine in America

For booking information and fees please contact Kelly Ebsary at (917) 392-9636 or e mail: